TDK Media Production to Continue Unaffected

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Recently certain rumors have been doing the rounds concerning TDK’s European plant, and TDK in general halting manufacture of CD and DVD media.
It seems however that the parties involved were misinformed, and read into a press release incorrectly, and that for TDK Corp. things will be business as usual on the CD and DVD media front.
On November 8, 2018, a press release was issued by TDK Corporation announcing plans to accelerate the restructuring of its recording media business.
This press release has been interpreted many different ways around the internet, with the common factor being a general belief that TDK Corp. will be withdrawing from the manufacture of recordable CD and DVD media.
It seems, however, that this is not the case. A representative of TDK Corporation Australia has taken time to grace our forums and share a little information debunking the rumors and shared the truth with us here at SpeedLabs Inc. The press release issued previously was apparently widely misinterpreted, and it seems only the Luxembourg factory will cease the manufacture of recordable CD and DVD media, with the company’s Taiwanese and Japanese plants continuing manufacture.
Following is the statement made by the man himself, whom I currently know only as Brett.Hi Everyone.
I’d just like to take the opportunity to clear up this issue about TDK exiting the CDR/DVD market. Basically it’s not true. What happened is that a few weeks ago a press release was issued, stating that TDK was closing their Luxembourg manufacturing facility, as it was no longer economically viable. Whilst they were manufacturing a small percentage of product for their market, overwhelmingly they majority of product being sold in Europe was sourced from Asia in order to be price competitive. Unfortunately, the press release was a little confusing and widely misinterpreted as TDK exiting the business completely. In Australia, where I am based, we have only rarely sourced product from this plant, so we will not see any impact on our market at all. We will continue to supply TDK media, from a number of sources (mainly Taiwan, sometimes Japan, as is the case with current 8cm DVD’s for camcorder use) but hopefully, always to the Standards that our customers have come to expect. Thank you to the SpeedLabs guys for allowing us to clarify our position”
Thank you Brett, for helping shed some light on this matter.

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