Matshita UJ-857 Units Flawed Zebra Silenced by Apple

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Over the last three days, zebra has been fighting to get the world’s MacBook Pro optical drive users a better deal, with the firmware currently running on the MacBook Pro 15″ units flawed to a point of instability given generic media/strategy combinations. His outcry has fallen on ears of intolerance. Apple America’s forum moderators, after seeing the posts, promptly deleted any trace…
Apple’s discussion board moderators quickly deleted all posts, references, and instances of results that made Apple’s choice of OEM in the Matshita UJ-857 ODD look poor. The results taken down were from the popular DVD parity scanning application, DVDInfoPro. The posts went further to explain how the Matshita unit failed to correctly associate MID’s with write strategies, resulting in barely-within-specification (and oftentimes far beyond specification) parity, jitter and error responses. Most notably the inability of the unit to correctly calibrate for premium MID’s such as Mitsubishi Chemical’s MCC004 16x certified MID and the CRC-errored RITEKF1.

Adding to the growing list of unhappy customers, pertaining to the unit, zebra attempted to shed some light on just WHY the problems existed. When his posts were removed and users began questioning the reasoning for removal of such helpful posts, it was cited as being a “non-technical question post”. The final post on the incident can be found over at Apple’s optical drive discussion board. Suffice to say, it appears that Apple does not want such posts on their forums.

Attempts have been made to contact Matshita/Matsushita and Panasonic, but thus far, not a single point of contact has responded to the issues. Dealing with Apple direct has yielded similar results, with “no problems currently exist, nor is a firmware imminent for the unit” style responses.

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Don’t take our word for it however, that the unit really is as bad as being made out.

The issue here is one of free speech and the ability to point out problems within the public eye, that can then be worked on for the greater good. Certain companies, it would seem, are not willing to share such a view, rather, they consider it casting the hardware they provide in a negative light, making the choice not to acknowledge the existence of a problem.

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